Turkey-Israel relations in challenging times

Turkey-Israel relations in challenging times

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty (FNF) in Istanbul in conjunction with Turkish Israeli Civil Society Forum (TICSF) held a day of discussions and public panel in Istanbul.In the first part of the day, a public panel with 5 speakers was adjourned to discuss the possibilities for civilian cooperation through business, media and civil society. The event started with speeches by Dr. Hans-Georg Fleck, the FNF director in Istanbul, Shira Ben Zion, the Israeli deputy Consul General and Arik Segal, professional mediator and coordinator of the TICSF, who presented the TICSF project. Then 5 Turkish and Israeli speakers from media, business, think tanks, academia and civil society presented their ideas about the possibilities and challenges in improving relations in times of strain.

In the second part of the day, 30 participants including the consulate staff, students and researchers discussed the TICSF process and how to manage its challenges. Some of the interesting insights included an Israeli-Turkish civil society fund, a fellowship and focusing on youth and entrepreneurs as a main target group for matchmaking. The event was very successful and in addition to the professional contribution motivated participants to continue and promote Israeli-Turkish relations.

with Arik Segal
With Nimrod Goren and Niv Shtendel.
Mit Nimrod Goren und Niv Shtendel.