Trilateral Symposium on “Incitement in Israeli and Palestinian Educational Programs”

End of May, the Forum for Liberal Thinking in cooperation with the Jerusalem office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty conducted an event, which was devoted to the topic of incitement in Palestinian and Israeli school textbooks. The participants, who were comprised of members of the Forum for Liberal Thinking,and of Palestinian and Druze participants, were exposed to new researches dealing mainly with the image of the other in education programs in Israel and Palestine.

The idea was toraise the awareness of participants about the problem of incitement in Palestinian and Israeli school textbooks and education systems. In addition the idea was to give the participants the floor to discuss how to counter this phenomenon and how one could coordinate joint counter-incitement activities, e.g. via a joint committee of experts who will agree upon standards that will prevent inciting materials in school text books.

Lecturers included: Prof. Dan Bartal, Ben-Gurion University, Prof. Sami Oda, ElNajah National University. Adv. MahfudZahar – Palestinian lawyer and activists,Prof. Ismael Abu-Saad, the education department at Ben-Gurion University and an Israeli activist. Dr. Sarah Zamir, the education department at ACHVA academic college.