Survey on Liberal Values in Palestine


Between September, 25th and October 18th, 2007, the Friedrich-Naumann Foundation for Liberty conducted an extensive survey on “Public Perceptions towards Liberal Values in Palestine”. The sociological investigation was implemented in cooperation with the associate partner of the FNFfL, the Freedom Forum Palestine, and conducted by the “Near East Consulting”, a polling institute based in Ramallah. More than 1600 residents of the West-Bank and the Gaza-strip were consulted. Beside questions concerning the self-perception, strong emphasis is given to the importance of liberal values in the Palestinian society. Especially the relation between religion, state and the individual as well as the attitude towards economic, social and democratic issues are part of the poll. Thus, the survey highlighted many interesting and sometimes even contradictory results, as f. ex. the strong support of democracy, while simultaneously the idea of theocratic rule is backed up by a vast majority.