The role of school curricula in fostering values of Combating Corruption

The Role of School Curricula in Fostering Values of Combating Corruption

In cooperation with our Palestinian partner "Human Rights and Democracy Media Center –SHAMS” conducted an interactive session about the role of school curricula in promoting the values ​​of transparency, integrity, accountability and combating corruption. Attended by 22 participants including educationalists, academics, teachers, journalists, students, representatives of CSOs working in education & anti-corruption sector, representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Directorate of Curricula and the National Teacher Training Institute. Within three hours, participants addressed the best ways to leverage the interdependency between quality education, which is considered as a human right and combating corruption, which impacts human rights and benefit from the experiences of participants in the two fields and their experiences to achieve the common goal. In addition to ensure and the optimum utilization of curricula, programs, activities, and educational practices to combat corruption under an interactive, critical, creative way and close to the practices and life experience of students in this age group. So as to achieve the objective while not adding educational burden to the students and not representing only new theoretical perspective without achieving tangible and measurable outcomes. The session was marked by the diverse background of the participating groups, which was reflected in the different viewpoints & recommendations shared, according to the sectors to which the participants belong. Most of the discussions and interventions focused on the precise analytical process that achieves balance and purpose.