In the Region


Our Liberal Agenda in the Region: Networking of Arab Liberal Parties, Promoting Human Rights and Advocating Economic Freedom

The Foundation started operating in the Middle East and North Africa in the early sixties of the last century. The Foundation’s first program outside Germany was established in Tunisia in 1962 and aimed at the training of journalists. Today, the Foundation has offices in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jerusalem (for Israel and Palestine), Jordan and Turkey. The regional office in Cairo was established in 1997 and is in charge for the administrative and programmatic coordination of the various activities in the region.

Promoting the freedom of the individual through civic education is at the heart of many projects also in this part of the world. Due to the diversity of political, social and economic conditions, the national programs vary from one country to another. However, in all cases our educative programs aspire to promote core liberal principles such as democracy, human rights or the market economy.

We partner with leadership personnel from governments, liberal political parties, members of civil society, journalists and business leaders. The foundation is particularly fond of her various educative programs for the young people in the various countries of the region.

The regional programs of the Foundation are coordinated at the regional office in Cairo. Focal points of these cross-border projects are:

► The networking of liberal political parties in the Arab world

► The promotion of Human Rights

► Advocacy for Economic Freedom as a successful development strategy to eradicate poverty

Wherever this is fitting, the regional programs correspond with educative programs on the country level.


Networking of Arab Liberal Political Parties:

In cooperation with Liberal International, the Foundation in 2006 organized a regional conference in Cairo attended by liberal individuals and members of liberal political parties and organizations from various parts of the region. This event laid the groundwork for the Network of Arab Liberals (NAL) which was formally established in Casablanca in early 2007 with members from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan. In a programmatic declaration, the member parties of the Network profess that they adhere to the liberal principles of freedom, responsibility, pluralism, tolerance, the market economy, the civil state and the separation of state and religion.

The Promotion of Human Rights

Democratic reform and the promotion of the rule of law with particular emphasis on the freedom of association are at the centre of a three year project coordinated by the Amman office of the Foundation in cooperation with the League of Arab States and co-sponsored by the European Commission. Delegates representing their governments, political parties, non-governmental organizations and trade unions from Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria cooperate in this project. The main objective of this regional program is the reform of respective national legislation regarding political parties, civil society and the trade unions, and harmonizing these laws with universally accepted international standards.

Economic Freedom in the Arab World

The Foundation participates in and sponsors activities aimed at promoting the renowned Economic Freedom in the World-index.. Our partners at the International Research Foundation in Oman and the Canadian Fraser Institute cooperate in developing a regional index regarding the state of economic freedom in the member countries of the Arab League. The highlight of this program is an annual international conference of economic think tanks from the region and free marketers from various other parts of the world at which issues related to liberal economic reform are discussed. 

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