“Promoting Public Freedoms and Democracy Values Through social Media"

PCRD event

The Palestinian Center for Research & Cultural Dialogue (PCRD) conducted a workshop in Beit Sahour on “Promoting Public Freedoms and Democracy Values Through Social Media" in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. The workshop highlighted the safe use of social media in disseminating liberal values plus raising awareness on its dangers.

The following were the main points presented by trainer Mr. Osama Jafari:
• Purposeful employment of social media in disseminating democracy and public freedoms
• Rights of individuals and states
• Good governance
• Democracy and human rights and modern media
• Human rights in communication
• Dimensions of the freedom of media and social accountability
• Requirements for accomplishing the mission of media
• Prerequisites for protecting freedom of communication
• Theoretical basis for the various means of mass media
• Authoritarian theory
• Totalitarian theory
• Press law
• Responsibility of radio people towards children
• Constitution of the federation of Arab journalists and publications law