Our Work in Israel


Objectives & Activities

In Israel, as in every democratic state with a pluralistic political culture, the natural task of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty (FNF) is to support liberal ideas and policy concepts in liberally-oriented parties, organisations, groups, and individuals, and to help promote young liberal leadership.

Following the crisis of organised liberalism in Israel, FNF has initiated the “Liberal Project”, which aims at gathering liberal forces from politics, economy and civil society in order to revive the liberal movement in Israel. In a country, where liberalism is often associated with negative stereotypes, FNF tries to correct this perception by disseminating concepts of liberal values and ideas a majority of citizens can identify with.

In order to pursue these aims, FNF establishes contacts to liberally-oriented organisations and individuals. It implements programmes in civic adult education, either independently or in cooperation with local partner organisations. Target groups are liberal political groups, the liberal-minded public, national and ethnic minorities like Palestinians in Israel and Russian-speaking citizens.

FNF has established an Alumni Association from among the participants of its educational programmes in Israel, Germany and elsewhere, whose members develop and conduct their own activities for civic education on liberal subjects with the help of the foundation.

The topics tackled by the educational programmes of FNF and its partners include classical liberal issues such as individual freedom and democracy, the rule of law, the market economy and human rights and also current issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and domestic policy.

As an organisation which stands for liberal values, the promotion of human, civil and minority rights is, self-evidently, one of FNF’s core objectives. In Israel, this includes the improvement of the socio-political dialogue between the Jewish majority and the Palestinian-Arab minority. FNF’s work in this field includes civic empowerment of Palestinian-Arab citizens and increasing awareness about their problematic situation. . This is carried out in partnership with local Palestinian-Arab NGOs.
Resulting from the special and complex historical relationship between Israel and Germany, another key priority of FNF’s work in Israel is the consolidation and promotion of German/European-Israeli relations. To this end, the foundation is involved in work on a range of historical as well as current political and economic issues in cooperation with academic institutions and networks.