Negotiation Training for Israeli-Palestinian Young Entrepreneurs

In the frame of a weekend seminar for the members of the ME 2.0 Palestinian-Israeli Young Business Leaders Forum, facilitated by the FNF-Jerusalem office,  the forum members received training in negotiation know how and skills, which can be applied in political as well as in business negotiations.

The weekend seminar took place in February 4-6 in Tabgha at the shore of the Sea of Galilee and was attended by 28 participants. Besides the negotiation training, the seminar enabled the members of the forum to strengthen their internal social ties as well as to discuss and decide upon the focus of this year’s activities. The members also brainstormed a new joint project dealing with micro-economic hurdles existing on the ground.

The seminar also included an excursion to “Naharayim” (Hebrew: “two rivers”),  “Baqoura” in Arabic and  the Jordan River Peace Park, a site at the border between Jordan and Israel, where the Yarmouk river flows in the Jordan River and where in the 1930s an electric plant had operated. The excursion provided the participants with insights in the historic events, which happened at the site, as well as informed the members about the bilateral cooperation between Jordan and Israel with regard to water management, border security and environmental preservation projects. The members also learnt about further plans and ideas to open up the site to tourism from both sides of the border for the benefit of the residents living nearby. The case of the Israeli-Jordanian negotiation talks regarding this boarder site served as a good example for the negotiation training session later on.