Jerusalem– “100 Years of Accomplishments and Missed Opportunities”

“100 Years of Accomplishments and Missed Opportunities”

One of the highlights at our very recent conference on Jerusalem– “100 Years of Accomplishments and Missed Opportunities”, conducted with our partner מכון ירושלים למחקרי מדיניות - Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research , was a panel discussion with young local activists of different backgrounds from Jerusalem. With Racheli Eibenboim, Head of Haredi Society at Shacharit Institute and Chair of Movilot Program, Intisar Qara’in, Director of Mini-Active Project, Jerusalem Multicultural Center, Hanan Rubin former City Council member and co-founder of Hitorerut/Wake Up Movement and Ariel Levinson, Secular Yeshiva, Jerusalem and Bina-The Movement for Social Judaism, we had fascinating young voices who were reflecting on the future of multiculturalism in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a microcosm for Israel at the whole and can be seen as a test case. If shared urban life will succeed in the difficult circumstances of this multifaceted and conflict ridden city, of which one has many good examples, then this will be a good sign for the future of Israel. However, if those forces, who reject the multicultural fabric of this city, will gain the upper hand, this will be a bad omen for the whole of Israel.

For Hebrew Speakers have a look at the discussion here: