An Israeli-Palestinian Confederation:

A viable alternative for the “two states solution”?
An Israeli-Palestinian Confederation: A viable alternative for the “two states..

The repeated failure of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations during the last decades, regional unrest and destabilization throughout the Middle East, the numerical and geographical expansion of Israeli settler presence in the West Bank, and the repeated vicious cycle of violence, have all contributed to a diminished public belief and confidence in the viability of a peaceful Israel-Palestine two state solution. In this emerging void, a series of other ideas are being launched and tested. Prominent among these ideas has been the concept of an Israeli-Palestinian Confederation, which has been launched and is being advocated by different civil society groups. It is argued that it may serve several important purposes: provide security, stability and prosperity to both the Israeli and Palestinian people; define the constitutional rights of both the Jewish and the Palestinian people, and create supportive conditions for a comprehensive process of Israeli-Arab reconciliation in the region of the Middle East, mainly by permitting settlements to remain in present locations and allow Palestinian refugees to return to Palestine and the sovereign territory of Israel, but also by creating coordinated decision-making mechanisms in the spheres of security, economy and foreign relations.


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