International Dialogue


Human Rights Education

Every year, the FNF offers full scholarships (apart from a small participation fee) for distinguished students of law and practitioners from human rights organisations for the participation in the summer courses of theInternational Institute of Human Rights (IIHS) in Strasbourg, and the International Human Rights Academy (IHRA), organized annually by Ghent University, the University of the Western Cape (Capetown), Utrecht University, the American University and the International Federation of Health and Human Rights Organizations. About 20 FNF-sponsored participants (10 for each course) from all over the world get the chance to take part in these prestigious study programmes on different aspects of Human Rights.

Dialogue Programme Brussels (DPB)

Since 1985, the DPB has been managed from the Belgian capital, the centre of European politics. The office is located in close proximity to important European institutions such as the Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the Commission.

The main focus of attention for the DPB lies in promoting the North-South and East-West dialogue. The event programmes concentrate on topics which are significant in designing liberal politics, such as human rights, civil society, market economy, free trade and the environment.

The International Academy for Leadership (IAF)

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty set up the International Academy for Leadership (IAF) at the beginning of the 1990s in Portugal. Since 1995, the IAF is located at the Theodor Heuss Academy in Gummersbach. The aim was to provide a forum and centre for the international political dialogue. Here, participants from all over the world have the opportunity to exchange political experiences, to learn about other cultures, and to work together on liberal solutions.

Apart from activities located at the International Academy for Leadership, FNF organises information programmes for delegations from different fields of public life from all over the world. These delegations travel to Germany and/or Brussels in order to meet with counterparts from their fields, discuss relevant subjects and exchange experiences.