Innovation Opportunities after Covid-19 - JEST 4th Session

Innovation Opportunities after Covid-19 - JEST 4th Session
FNF- Jerusalem

The world was already changing, but due to Covid-19 the world will even change faster along with people's behaviour and routine.
In Mr. Jamil Alkhatib's (an expert on innovation) presentation during JEST's 4th online session titled "Innovation Opportunities after Covid-19", he stressed on the challenges of the current situation and presented a variity of innovative solutions for businesses which aim at decreasing fear, increasing trust and creating competitive advantages.
Any innovative solution should be practical, culturally accepted and has economic benefit. In the future, we are really going to be confronted with touchless, do it yourself, digital, protective and robotic services and products. The presentation gave clear and simple examples of such products and services.
In the future, social distancing, personal protection/hygiene, delivery services and disposables will be a priotity. We have to remember that "We cannot predict the future, we can only prepare."