German-Israeli Dialogue on Liberalism

The FNF-Jerusalem office invited a group of young liberals from Germany and Israel to an exchange of thoughts and opinions on issues of liberalism, political engagement of the young generation and liberal political structures and strategies. The meeting took place on May 22nd in the vibrant metropolis of Tel Aviv.

The German participants belonged to different branches of the JuLis, the branch of the young liberals of the liberal party of Germany (FDP – Free Democratic Party). Their Israeli counterpartswere comprised of young activists of the HaTnua party, which is chaired by former Justice and Foreign Minister TzipiLivni.

The bilateral dialogue was at the beginning focused on an analysis of the current regional and global challenges at stake and how they affect especially the young generation like the economic crises, global political instability and upheavals, migration waves, new rising technologies, international diplomacy etc..In this respect, the participants also enjoyed the valuable assessments of AvrahamPoraz, former Israeli Minister of Interior and Michael Theurer, Member of the European Parliament on behalf of the German Liberal Party.

Moreover, the discussion touched upon the different political discourses in the two countries and how young liberals may succeed in influencing them in reference to their outlook of things. In addition the participants exchanged their experience with regard to their efforts to wake up young people from their escapism and ignorance and encourage them to get involved in political activism.

Finally, also internal party structures were discussed and the questions how to manage the relations between the youth wing and its mother party in order to make sure that the special interests of the young generation will find expression in the party’s political agenda and activism.

Participants enjoyed the opportunity to get to know each other and to be able to discuss intensively political issues of special interest to them as liberals and as representatives of the young generation. The foundation will make sure that this dialogue will be upheld and intensified in the future.