Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty in Jerusalem

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty – FNF is the German foundation for liberal policies, working worldwide for the principles of individual liberty, the rule of law, a market economy, and human rights. It was established in 1958 under the aegis of Theodor Heuss, the first President of the Federal Republic of Germany (1949-1959) in collaboration with leading liberal figures. The founders oriented the foundation towards the lifework of Friedrich Naumann (1860-1919), the important liberal publicist and politician, who dedicated himself especially to the political education of citizens.
Supported by funds of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Co-operation and Development, FNF has been working in Israel since 1983 and in Palestine since 1994 for the promotion of democracy and liberal principles. Furthermore, the advancement of Israeli Palestinian dialogue and the peace process is one of FNF’s major goals. Despite the many setbacks and frustrated hopes, the foundation regards the achievement of comprehensive peace in the region as a crucial target of its efforts. The priority given to mutual understanding, tolerance and co-existence is symbolized by the fact that years ago, FNF merged its two offices in Israel and Palestine into one joint office on the historical borderline between West and East Jerusalem.

FNF strives to

• strengthen liberal forces in Israel and Palestine and disseminate liberal policy concepts.
• support the establishment of structures of democracy, the rule of law and a market economy.
• develop pluralistic structures by strengthening civil society and its organisations.
• strengthen the capability for internal socio-political dialogue as well as for the dialogue between civil societies in the region.
• foster the capability and readiness for inter- and intra-social dialogue.
• promote mutual understanding between Germany/Europe on one side and Israel/Palestine on the other side.
• advance German-Jewish relations.

Our Methods and Tools

• Organisation of national and international conferences, seminars, and workshops with local partner organisations.
• Consulting of liberal political groups and liberal-minded non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
• Participation of local individuals and groups in the international networking programs of FNF within the framework of the International Political Dialouge in Brussels, Belgium, and the International Academy for Leadership in Gummersbach, Germany.