Freedom of Choice? – Marriage options in Israel 2015

The Jerusalem office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty in cooperation with its local partner, Israel Be Free (Israel Chofsheet), conducted a public event on November 24th, 2015 at the pub “Kuli Alma” in Tel Aviv. The presentation and discussion was focused on the relation between state and religion in Israel of 2015 and in particular on the basic rights pertaining to marriage in Israel. Adv. Mrs. Smadar Dekel Naim was the main speaker at the evening giving a short historical retrospective account about the development of the status quo regarding state and religion in Israel and explained to the audience the different marriage/partnership options and their different legal implications. The evening event was extremely successful having attracted a crowd of almost 400 people and a vivid discussion, proving the actuality of the topic and the need for and interest of more and more people in Israel in alternative marriages contracts.