9th Palestinian International Chemistry Conference- PALAST&FNF

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9th Palestinian International Chemistry Conference
In cooperation between PALAST and FNF, the 9th Palestinian International Chemistry Conference was organized by the department of chemistry at Bethlehem University and The Palestinian Academy of Science and Technology (PALAST) / Palestinian Chemical Society, and was held at Bethlehem University on 1-2 Nov 2019.
This conference provided a platform for academics and researchers from various Palestinian universities and abroad to present their research in various fields of chemistry and discuss joint issues.
Research topics were in various Chemistry disciplines which included Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. Moreover, the topics of the conference included:
• Nano chemistry and materials
• Organometallics
• Polymer Chemistry
• Supramolecular Chemistry
• Catalysis
• Medicinal Chemistry
• Environmental Chemistry
• Chemistry Education

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