Our Work in Palestinian territories


The main objective of FNF’s engagement in Palestine is to contribute to the establishment and consolidation of democratic, constitutional and market economy structures in a future Palestinian state. As FNF’s concept requires as a basis solid democratic governments, strong civil societies, free markets and a network of international cooperation, all of FNF’s efforts in Palestine are dedicated to advocating and implementing this concept with local partner organisations.

In a society with a weak liberal tradition, FNF promotes mainly Palestinian civil society institutions, which advocate liberal ideas and values. The foundation offers its partners assistance in implementing their activities through consultancy, logistical and financial support for events, project planning, workshop and conference organisation, and assistance in publishing project-related material.

FNF engages in assisting in the establishment of a network of liberal-minded individuals through the dissemination of the liberal approach to solving political, social and economic challenges.

With the citizen as the center of a liberal understanding of society, FNF supports civic education programs to motivate citizens’ active and critical participation in political processes in cooperation with its partners, like the Civic Forum Institute, Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies and the women and media NGO Filastiniyat.

As free market economy is a main pillar of liberal societies, FNF provides assistance for strengthening the structures and forces of market economy and promotes pro-active entrepreneurship in cooperation with its partners, Palestinian Federation of Industries, Center for Private Sector Development, and Young Entrepreneurs Palestine.